Sonia Malcolm
Newsletter/Membership Communication

My journey in nursing started over 20 years ago with a diploma in nursing from Humber College. A passion for nursing, coupled with a strong desire for learning harnessed, and led me back to the classroom a few years ago to pursue my BScN, and recently my Masters in Community Health Nursing, with a focus in Education. The education piece evolved from a strong desire to share my knowledge and expertise with young people entering the profession. I am a part-time clinical instructor at George Brown College.

I have maintained good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario, and was privileged to serve as a member on one of its statutory committees from 2004-2007.

I am currently serving as Policy and Political Action Officer on the Executive Team of Peel Chapter, Region 4 of RNAO.

Nursing has afforded me the opportunity to have a very diverse nursing career. It has enriched my personal and professional growth tremendously, especially the seven years spent working in the Middle East. My expertise is in Oncology Nursing. I always seem to be drawn back to it. Right now, I am pursuing a business opportunity of serving the elderly - another passion -  and to help them age in place in their own environment, and with dignity.

Healthcare is on a continuous pathway to change; however, I believe that, in this rapidly changing environment, IPNs are well positioned as experienced Nurse Entrepreneurs to enforce the changes we want to see in our profession. As a new member of this group, I welcome your support as entrepreneurs, and look forward to working with you.