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IPNIG is a provincial interest group of Independent Practice Nurses within the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) ... read more

IPNIG Executive Member List 2016-2018

IPNIG Position Name Email
Chairperson Jana Bartley (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
Past Chairperson Ruth Volpato (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
Professional Practice, Nursing Standards, RN Education, BPG Jill King (Profile)
Ruth Ruttan (Profile)
Membership Recruitment & Retention Jill King (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
* Public Policy & Political Action Ruth Volpato (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
Research & Data Resources Janet Riley (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
Financial Reports
Secretary (Acting)
Jill King (Profile)
Ruth Ruttan (Profile)
* Networking Meetings Jennifer Desmond (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
* Social & News Media, Exhibitions, Speaker’s Bureau Jill King (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
* Communication Newsletter, Reports and Activity Memos Jill King (Profile) admin@ipnig.ca
* Member at Large
(2 required)
Committee Project Work  
* Student Member
(2 Needed)

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Honors List
 Champion Advisors

Former IPNIG Executive Leadership Members:

Gail Courneyea (pending)
Pauline Shenton (Profile)
Betty Franklin (pending)
Doug Bishop (Profile)
Elizabeth Slonchka (Profile)
Tom Fiser (Profile)
Carol Hamilton (pending)
Charlene Schiffer (Profile)
Lynne Browning (Profile)