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Time to Shift towards combining the Strengths of Both Approaches in a Single Health Care System?

Nurses must be included as equal partners in health service delivery.

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IPNIG Joins with Colleagues for a
Stronger Voice for Nurses!

The National Expert Commission (CNA) "The health of our nation, the future of our health system CNA" challenges ALL Registered Nurses to renew their Policy, Practice and Political Action Plan. … more

The National Expert Commission (CNA) "A Nursing Call to Action"! "The health of our nation, the future of our health system CNA"

Going forward each year the CNA expert commission motivates IPNIG Strategic Action Plan Policy and Professional Practice 2016 -2018 ... more

IPNIG Champions Public Community Education

Campaign for Public Education of people to the Diversity of Nursing Care Services!

Engage the people to participate in a sustainable future health care system.

Orientate people on the nursing capabilities to provide health care across all levels of prevention.

Educate the Public the diversity of Nursing Health Care and Related Services ... click here to read a list of the diversity of nurses specialized nursing services.

The Time Has Come!
Combine all Health Care Approaches to
Reach the Ambitious Goal of Health for All!

Four decades later Canada again revisits the revolutionary principles - equity, social justice, and health for all; community participation; health promotion; appropriate use of all resources.

Ontario welcomes new 10-year health accord with Ottawa (Toronto Star. March 10, 201)

“Ensuring that people in Ontario can get the care they need when and where they need it is a key component of our government’s plan to put patients first, which is why we have increased funding for home and community care and mental health and addiction services to nearly $9 billion annually,” said provincial Health Minister Eric Hoskins. ... more

Alma-Ata 30 years on: Revolutionary, relevant, and time to revitalise. 2009 ... more

For primary health care, the debate of the past two decades focused on selective (or vertical) versus comprehensive (horizontal) delivery, but is now shifting towards combining the strengths of both approaches in health systems ... more

Summary of Research Health Care Reform

For past 40 years global policy has tried to solve mounting health care needs. Time to focus on the relevance today, particularly for accelerated scale-up of primary health-care services necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the modern iteration of the “health for all” goals.

Rising to the Challenge of Health Care Reform

 With Entrepreneurial and
Intra-preneurial Nursing Initiatives

Health reform worldwide is required due to the largely aging population, increase in chronic diseases, and rising costs. To meet these needs, nurses are being encouraged to practice to the full extent of their skills and take significant leadership roles in health policy, planning, and provision. This can involve entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial roles. Although nurses form the largest group of health professionals, they are frequently restricted in their scope of practice. Nurses can help to improve health services in a cost effective way, but to do so, they must be seen as equal partners in health service provision. This article provides a global perspective on evolving nursing roles for innovation in health care. A historical overview of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship is offered. Included also is discussion of a social entrepreneurship approach for nursing, settings for nurse entre/intrapreneurship, and implications for research and practice

Rising to the Challenge of Health Care Reform With Entrepreneurial and Intra-preneurial Nursing Initiatives: Anne Wilson, PhD, MN, BN, FRCNA; Nancy Whitaker, BPsych Hon; Deirdre Whitford, PhD; Online Journal Issues Nurse. 2012;17(2) ... more