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IPNIG is a provincial interest group of Independent Practice Nurses within the Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) ... read more

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  IPNIG Position
Elected for 2 years, Max 3 Terms
1 President / Chairperson
Goals Record Minutes
Strategic Plan
Member Voices to RNAO
Colleen Scanlan (Profile)
2 Financial Treasurer
Accounts Receivable/Payable
Financial Report Members and
Financial Annual Report
Cathy Morris Epplie (Profile)
3 Public Relations, Articles, Research, BOD Meet Ups, Exhibitions
Ashley Manlow
4 Social Media Communication,
Website Newsletter,
Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn,
Blogs, E-blasts, News You Can Use
Tracey Hotta (Profile)
5 Nursing Student
Policy & Professional Practice & Social Media
Olivia Brundia (Profile)
6 Member at Large
Communication and Networking Meet Ups
Kaitlin Marriner Brulotte (Profile)
7 RNAO Liaison
Membership BOD
Piroska Bata (Profile)

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Honors List
 Champion Advisors

Former IPNIG Executive Leadership Members:

Jill King (Profile)
Ruth Ruttan (Profile)
Ruth Volpato (Profile)
Jana Bartley (Profile)
Gail Courneyea (pending)
Pauline Shenton (Profile)
Betty Franklin  (Profile)
Doug Bishop (Profile)
Elizabeth Slonchka (Profile)
Tom Fiser (Profile)
Carol Hamilton (pending)
Charlene Schiffer (Profile)
Lynne Browning (Profile)

IPNIG members who want to telephone or write to us:

Registered Nurses' Association Ontario - RNAO
Independent Practice Nurses Interest Group – IPNIG
Attention: RNAO Membership Services
158 Pearl Street
Toronto, ON M5H 1L3 CANADA
Phone: 416.599.1925
Toll Free: 1.800.268.7199
Fax: 416.599.1926

Guidelines for Volunteers. click here to read guidelines