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Clients Seek Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention as Required Intervention

Neuman, B; Reed, K.S; 2007

Nursing Science Quarterly, 20(2), 111-113
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Primary Health Care – Health Delivery Model

Explanation of the difference between Primary Health Care and Primary Care ... more

Primary Health Care
Thirty Years Later

Alma-Ata 30 years later: revolutionary, relevant, and time to revitalize ... more

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Private practice as a career option for nurses has been slowly increasing since the 1980’s ... more

Self-employed Nurse Entrepreneurs: A Journey of Discovery (Wilson A.;2003) ... more

Primary Health Care Leads to Better Health

We hear the term primary health care (PHC) frequently, but the concept is poorly understood, in part because of confusion between primary care and primary health care. Simply put, primary care is what you receive when you go to your provider for treatment of an ailment. In contrast, PHC is a health-based model. Its services are based on certain defined principles (essential, accessible, equitable, collaborative and using the appropriate technology) and account for the social determinants of health. Offering care from a PHC perspective means providing more episodic care and becoming involved in the social and environmental issues that affect health. ... more

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

If Canada were to adopt a primary health care (PHC) model of service delivery, health care would become the responsibility of individual Canadians, their communities and their governments, not just provincial and territorial departments of health.

Early delivery of prevention health care measures means earlier return to good health.

College of Nurses of Ontario CNO Protects Public Community

College of Nurses of Ontario CNO is your professional licensing body for regulated nurses, the Standards of Practice, bylaws, policies and guidelines for all Ontario RNs and NPs in all practice settings.

CNO fact sheets, practice standards, practice guidelines, forms and other publications ...more

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