Ruth Volpato, RN
Political Action Public Policy

Ruth Volpato is a Registered Nurse, licensed to practice in Ontario, in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario and a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, having graduated from nursing in 1971.

Ruth has worked initially in Psychiatry and Occupational Health moving into various areas serving the insurance industry for many years with a goal towards rehabilitation nursing.

The role in rehabilitation nursing has been diverse, including assessments and medical management/case management service. When the many changes occurred in the auto insurance industry in 1998 Ruth developed a disability management company with the help of community College and the government of Ontario. However with the severe cut backs in this industry Ruth was unable to make this foray into entrepreneurship flourish. Ruth then joined with a large corporation to complete case management and nurse consultations.

Now, at this stage of her life, she is able venture on her own and is again in Independent Practice. She specializes in case management, pain intervention (PGAP) and in product development that meets the needs of the insurer and the legal industry. Ongoing education has been developed to address the needs of catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries, working within teams specifically geared to each client to allow for maximum medical recovery.

Ruth would appreciate the assistance of all members’ to be recognized as Registered Nurses as a collective body in various levels of industries. Ruth belongs to the recently formed Alliance of Community Medical and Rehabilitation Providers (ACMRP) whose interest is to educate the health care systems and public regarding the changes in the legislation.


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