Doug Bishop
Research & Education

Doug Bishop, R.N., is the owner and operator of Bishop’s Scantec Services Inc., a cardiac diagnostic scanning company. He supplies state of the art digital cardiac monitoring equipment to hospitals and physician-owned clinics, as well as providing the nursing service of cardiac scanning.

A seasoned entrepreneur, Doug has been involved in various business enterprises over the past 30 years, including appliance repair shops, vending machines, a cheque cashing service, pawn shops and a fishing and hunting store.

Since graduating from a diploma nursing program in 1986, Doug has maintained his registration as a registered nurse and worked full time or part time in various areas of the nursing profession. He has worked in a general hospital setting for two years and in a psychiatric hospital for approximately eight years.

Doug became the Vice Chair of the RNAO Independent Practice Nurses group in April 2007.

Doug says, “I have been in profitable businesses, and businesses that have lost money. I understand the challenges nurses face in independent practice. The future of the IPNIG group took on a new meaning during my active participation over the past three years. I believe health care services provided by independent practice nurses are going to become an increasingly important part of the health care sector. The IPNIG group is a main support to your business success. I hope the members will return me to the executive in the position of Chairperson so I can use my business knowledge to lead, to educate and to mentor.