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Jill King
Previous President

Jill’s incorporated company, King Health & Safety Inc. (1984), www.kinghealthsafety.ca  has provided worksite health and Safety consulting services to over 70 corporations. Her worksite services include pro-active care, emergency preparedness, protection strategies, regulatory policy, prevention training and primary health care protocols. What is PHC! Definition Primary Health Care.

Jill’s extensive "hands on" workplace experience, specialty education and accreditation as a nurse specialist in Occupational Health and Environmental Safety, creates healthy workplaces with healthy workers. LinkedIN Profile

Recognizing a need for educated health and safety service providers, Jill created a recognized Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator Program that was presented to over 600 Registered Nurses. Many attendees transitioned to occupational health nursing. Jill's career was profiled in the Toronto Star.

Jill participated as a delegate at the World Health Organization International Congress on Occupational Health in Nice, France (1994). She's presented at Global International Emergency Preparedness Conferences and invited as a university guest lecturer.

Her 2003 research paper, Looming Crisis, Nurses are the Sickest Workers, led to Jill being invited as a member of a national committee for the development of Best Practice Guidelines Healthy Work Environments, under the leadership of RNAO.

In 2008 Jill volunteered as a Community Expert Panel member to Central LHINS to make recommendations for keeping seniors in their homes. Jill’s noted work on prevention health strategies led to an opportunity to be on a team writing proactive health policy for a political party leader 's platform.

In 2003 she was a founding member, of the RNAO provincial interest group - Occupational Health Nurses Interest Group - OHNIG, where she serves as Chairperson.

Jill also works with the Independent Practice Nurse Interest Group. As the IPNIG Public Relations Communication leader, Jill states, “I work with IPN members to define health policy for independent practice and "recognition of the wide diversity of specialized nursing care services, so vital to the healthy safekeeping of the public community.”

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