Lynne Browning RN, BScN, ET, CETN(c)

Lynne graduated first from the Ryerson School of Nursing (1977) in Toronto and then obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ryerson University in 2005. She then obtained her Enterostomal Therapist Certification in 2006. She has previously been a member and served on the executive board for the RNAO interest group of Independent Practice Nurses. For over 30years, she has worked in a variety of nursing positions but primarily in complex care, home care and long term care. For most of her career, she has focused on wound and ostomy management and has developed her approach to assessment, diagnosis and treatment based on RNAO Best Practice Guidelines. Currently, she works as an independent ET nurse within the long term care sector in Toronto, covering 16 homes and provides private consultations for individuals with ostomies. Lynne is currently nominated for the position of Professional Practice Officer and seeks to promote empowerment and nursing excellence from those who work within independent practice.

As Lynne says: Nursing is a constant learning experience given those challenges faced when one works in independent practice. I am most fortunate to have had the opportunity to embrace and share my passion, working in a field of nursing that I love. It is unfortunate that many of us who work independently are not recognized for the expertise in our specialized fields. I believe the IPNIG can help to change that mentality and promote the various professional practices that currently exist in Ontario.