Pauline Shenton

Pauline Shenton, as a Registered Nurse, has worked privately in the field of rehabilitation case management since 1990. For the past 16 years she has operated a successful case management company.

Pauline serves as an expert witness in the Superior Court of Ontario on catastrophic case management and predicting future cost care analysis. She has also given evidence, by means of reports, in British Columbia, New York, and Florida. Pauline does defense work for the Canadian Medical Protection Association, a legal body that intercedes on behalf of medical professionals being sued. In addition, she is a peer reviewer for Canadian Nurse magazine.

Pauline has been registered with the College of Nurses since 1973, and is a member of the RNAO. She holds an affiliate membership with the National Academy of Neuropsychologists, an associate membership in the Canadian Society for Medical Evaluators, and memberships in the Ontario Association of Rehabilitation Nurses and the Canadian Nurses Association.

Pauline says, “IPNIG is poised to meet the challenging socio- economic conditions in this province to improve health care. We risk losing invaluable years of nursing education and workplace experience through disenfranchisement or abandonment. It is essential to maintain this font of knowledge.”

“IPNIG offers options to Registered Nurses who leave the hospital setting and might otherwise be lost to the health care system entirely. IPNIG, working with the RNAO, helps nurses remain in nursing in a meaningful way. With this in mind, I intend to work diligently toward increasing the IPNIG membership.”