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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear IPNIG Member,

Questions from members come in a variety of needs, i.e., nursing standards, business acumen and social media usage, etc. As volunteers we are limited to providing self-help reference material.

IPNIG posts research, literature and resources to answer your questions, on the Professional Practice page.

Examples of Frequently Asked Questions
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  1. Can a Nurse incorporate? Does the corporation name have to be my name - John Doe Inc. Are there forms to complete for College of Nurses?
  2. Can a nurse have a web Site ? Can it have a generic Name; i.e., ABC Health Care Inc.? Can I put my name on a web site describing the nursing services I offer?
  3. I function as a sole proprietor. I was told my choice of name for the web site or business doesn’t have any stipulations – and I am free to do as I like? What is correct?
  4. For my business I created a Self Help Tool Kit consisting of a written booklet and a self-help disk. Can I sell this "tool kit" to a workshop attendee? If not, can the "Self Help Tool Kit be included in the pre-paid registration fee for the workshop?
  5. I wrote an e-book and I want to offer it through a download at a nominal fee, is this permitted?
  6. Can I work as a consultant and conduct instructional programs? Do I need to be connected to a health care team or medical doctor?
  7. As a registered nurse I want to provide education services that are within the scope of nursing standards. Can I provide education sessions to clients, paid in advance, on a closed online webinar?
  8. Can I, as a registered nurse in an incorporated company, provide my health services in a wide range of different jurisdictions; e.g., US, Australia, anywhere in Canada, etc.?
  9. As a business operator I want to offer an early bird discount, for booking a certain time in advance? Is this permitted?