Networking is necessary with nursing colleagues, associates and community leaders to share Professional Nursing Practice Profile, Business Acumen, Learned Knowledge and Share Helpful Tips!



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Why Networking?
Share your Nursing Business with your Community
Provide Education Workshops
Social Interaction Discussions

Where to Network?
Social Media through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter
Write local newspaper articles
Provide free presentations
Professional Organizations like Business Women's Networking Group or Chamber of Commerce

How to Network?
Utilize Social Media
Facebook / Twitter Blogs
Photos & Anecdotal Stories
Radio and Talk Shows

Who are the Network?
Network with Colleagues
Meet other IPNIG Members
Attend Nursing Functions
People in Community

When to Network?
All the time!

Upcoming Network Events
Notification Networking Meeting
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Student Members
Student [s] Interested in coordinating
IPNIG website networking social media activities
Send your interest to admin@ipnig.ca