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1. Exciting Help has Arrived for IPNIG Executive team!

To read the profiles for current IPNIG leaders and new nominees go to the IPNIG web site [IPNIG About us].

Currently the IPNIG leadership team is in strategic planning mode. There are two upcoming planning meetings in late April, 2011 and early September 2010/2011. The IPNIG meetings are done by telephone conference calls which are easy and cost effective in bringing the executive together to discuss their plans.

All IPNIG members, please note this date and plan to attend the IPNIG Annual General Meeting on November 19, 2011. The agenda will outline the next two (2) years goals as well as bringing on board the four nominees for IPNIG executive leaders for their 2 year term. Please consider attending the IPNIG AGM in person or join by audio – web conference in November 2011.

All independent practice nurses should consider joining IPNIG. The intent is to overcome the barriers to independent practice and raise the bar on health care provided by nurses in practice in the community. Anyone who is interested please send this link from the IPNIG membership page.