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4. “It’s Your Business” Workshop April 2, 2011 was an Enormous Success and it was FREE!

Festive Luncheon ImageThe sixty seven (67) attendees entered the room that was decorated in a festive mode with a Caribbean theme. Bright orange colored pineapple center pieces on the tables and the IPNIG executive with flowered leis around the necks welcomed the attendees at 8:30am. The mode was festive and a sense of ease permeated the entire day definitely contributing to a full relaxed day conducive to learning.

The day started with Gloria Pierre, professional communication expert speaking on the “Art of Communication”, John Regan, business entrepreneur, spoke about the importance of “Branding” or your “identifying signature” that makes your business. Next, Doug Bishop, wearing his Panama hat, led a skill-testing exercise to make people think logically the way to proceed. Carol Hamilton completed the morning session with personal anecdotes of her entrepreneur experience.

During the two hour lunch period, attendees enjoyed a light “tropical” buffet and ample time to circulate to the dozen exhibitors or "meet and greet" other independent practice nurses. The reviews by the attendees voiced their enthusiasm; “the networking was fantastic", “I loved talking to other nurses in independent work” and “great to know all the types of work nurses are doing!

The afternoon session was aptly handled by Ronda Stewart. She guided the listeners through the “Nuts and Bolts” of a business operation and the hands-on capabilities that were needed. At the closing the presenters, to the one received, the attendees’ praises and words of “wow”, “I can’t wait to start” and “daze and confused” or “met my needs for sure!”, “I didn’t know and now I do!” and “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

At the close of the day each attendee was asked “how they felt”. Their various replies stated how they would incorporate what they learned and their emotion was eagerness to “get started!”

IPNIG expressed a big thank you to MAGNES Insurance for their exhibit and Roberta’s Tasson’s expertise in answering the many “questions” on professional insurance coverage. Also, a thank you to Magnes Insurance for their financial donation toward the “tropical” buffet lunch for the workshop attendees.

Staples ImageIPNIG expressed a BIG THANK you to STAPLES Business Depot who exhibited business copying services and “start up” packages for new business. STAPLES also donated to each attendee, a “That Was Easy!’ button. At the end of the day we had a mock graduation ceremony to give out the attendance certificate and their ‘That was Easy!’ button.

IPNIG thanks the attendees who took time to respond to the on line evaluation. They expressed praise for the workshop coordination, the terrific speakers and “let’s move on to the next level“ was reassuring to IPNIG.

Many questions have been raised from the evaluation. “When is the next one?” Many IPNIG members who could not make that date asked “Can we do it again?"

What do other IPNIG members want? Please see the EDUCATION page on the IPNIG web site and send in your comments on needed education.

IPNIG Executive, "It's Your Workshop!"