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7. State of the Union of Nursing Practice - Read Articles by Higgins on IPNIG web Site

Longwood Publishing has made available the editorials essay written by Dot Pringle, while Editor of Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership. IPNIG has included the links for these informative nursing editorials for your reading pleasure.

From Anton Hart of Longwoods Publishing
Dot Pringles essays -- weekend reading and for re-distribution [], Thursday, April 21, 2011

We have published all the editorial essays written by Dr. Dorothy Pringle while she was editor in chief of the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership.

You can read them online here (be my guest) or buy a copy of the book. These essays are pithy, to the point, sometimes with a tone reflecting her “get on with it” attitude and always entertaining.

She thought hard about them. We enjoyed publishing them. I hope you get some pleasure by reading them. here

Individual essays will only be free online for a limited time. You are welcome to redistribute the link. The book is also available online. Great gift! If you want to purchase it please click here or visit

If you want to comment on the essays - email
Anton Hart []