IPNIG Newsletter #6 ― October 22, 2012
Jill King, Communication Editor
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  1. "Together " - "It Is Time to Step Up"!

  2. "It is Time to Speak Out"!

  3. "Gaining Recognition" - Nursing Profile of Independent Practice Nurse!

  4. "Time to Raise the Bar" - Practice Analysis Research!

  5. "Credibility" - Nurses in Independent Practice!

  6. "Increase the Numbers" - Get Involved!

1. Together - "It Is Time to Step Up" back to top

Chairpersons Message

All Independent Practice Nurses (IPN) are asked to consider joining a growing number of other independent practice nurses in voicing the importance of nurses specialized in providing high quality nursing heath care for their clients.

Together we can collaborate in a joint effort and show the community how necessary the services of independent practice Registered Nurses really are for health care.

Together we can demonstrate the significant improvement in client's health by providing care following the principles of Primary Health Care that highlight the core values of Independent Practice Nursing - to promote, protect and preserve the health of people where they live, work and play! link What is PHC! Definition Primary Health Care

"It Is Time to Step Up" and join with nursing colleagues in the "Call to Action for all Nurses" by CNA’s National Expert Commission that suggests a fundamental shift in how health and health care is funded, managed and delivered in Canada. link CNA Expert Commission report June 2012. http://www.cna-aiic.ca/en/on-the-issues/national-expert-commission

"It Is Time to Step Up" in a joint effort to lobby for recognition of value-added essential nursing services provided by independent practice nurses. ....read more

2. "It is Time to Speak Out" back to top

Policy Practice Political Action

IPNIG deem that this is the year for lobbying for policy to recognize the highly qualified expertise of nurses in independent practice. The IPNIG Executive revised and strengthened their four goals Policy, Practice and Political Activity! aimed at gaining recognition and equality for nurses working in independent practice. ....read more

3. Gaining Recognition- Nursing Profile of Independent Practice Nurse back to top

What is totally unknown and vastly overlooked is the diversity of nursing services currently rendered by registered nurses in "independent practice." link IPNIG Brochure

As an Independent Practice Nurse, Ruth Volpato’s work, highlighted below, is a reflection of the need for the recognition of the value added services a Registered Nurse brings to the job and the client, in work that is outside the typical hospital clinical setting. Here is a Practice Profile of a Rehabilitation Nurse Consultant in Independent Practice! ....read more

4. "Time to Raise the Bar" - Practice Analysis Research back to top

Public Relations, Communication and Networking

There is strong national movement afoot for all nurses, including Independent Practice nurses, to grasp the opportunity for nurses to move forward. So let's start by doing credibility and competency of nursing capabilities using research to analyze independent practice. IPNIG believes it is :

"Time to Raise the Bar" to Identify, solve, measure, evaluate for continuous improvement in independent practice nursing care. IPNIG plan to perform practice analysis on work performed in independent practice. This year IPNIG plans research proving the reliability and validity of independent practice.

All IPNIG members and independent practice nurse colleagues are asked to consider participating in establishing research: how many, where, number of client’s services, breadth and depth and diversity of our nursing skills and analyses of nursing practices. ....read more

5 "Credibility" of Nurses in Independent Practice back to top

Betty Franklin a seasoned professional Registered Nurse in Independent Practice speaks out credibility

"The Pledge and Code of Ethics - What it means in Independent Practice"

As I prepared to write my reply, I reread and sat in contemplation of the International Nursing Pledge I made when I became a Registered Nurse in 1977. The pledge along with the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses has always reminded me of my role and responsibilities as a registered nurse. It reminds me of why I made the choice to become a registered nurse. And, it remains a constant guide to me as my practice has changed through the years.

I have moved out of a traditional nursing role within hospital and homecare settings to become a nurse in independent practice. I am self-employed and have now also become a business woman. But in reality, I am a registered nurse who has made a choice to also become a business woman. ...read more

6. "Increase the Numbers" - Get Involved back to top

Membership Recruitment

IPNIG members can read the many accomplishments of RNAO that benefit all of the nurse members.  ... read 'In the LOOP'!

Membership in RNAO includes many benefits - RNAO Benefits

  • professional practice insurance
  • business insurance
  • member voice
  • group benefit
  • NEW Critical Care insurance
  • education finding
  • .....and much more!

Your membership in RNAO allows you to choose your interest group as IPNIG, thus giving you the benefit of sharing, networking and communicating with other independent practice nurses.

IPNIG provides their members with a host of benefits pertinent to their independent practice nurse. IPNIG concentrates on the best education providers to meet member’s operational needs. IPNIG collaborated with other Interest Groups and a local Nursing Chapter network and share knowledge.

Join Today!

The new year starts November 1, 2012. Join now by completing the online information form ... click here

Once you read this IPNIG newsletter share with your independent practice nursing colleagues. Encourage them to "Step Up!"

If you bring in a new member to IPNIG then IPNIG will pay your IG fee of $30.00

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