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Professional Registered Nurse Independent Practice Guidelines

MINDING YOUR BUSINESS: A Guide For Establishing An Independent Nursing Practice Nurses Association of New Brunswick here

The Nurse Entrepreneur, On Your Own - NURSING NOW, Sept 1996 ... click here

Private Practice Checklist - Guide for Self-employed Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners - College of Nurses of British Columbia ... click here

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► Quebec NP clinics: When bureaucracy prevents better access to care ... more

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►Toronto Star: Health workers deserve pay raise: Hepburn April 10, 2016 ... more

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News You Can Use!

Times are Changing!
RNAO Members voted to Restructure
RNAO Administration System (1968)

The Beginning

February 16, 2018

To: Executives of RNAO Chapters, Executives of RNAO Regions without Chapters, Executives of RNAO Interest Groups

From: Carol Timmings, RNAO President, Doris Grinspun, RNAO CEO

Dear Assembly Leaders,

As discussed at the joint Interest Group Chairs and Chapter Presidents meeting on Friday September 15th and the RNAO assembly meeting on Saturday September 16th, to allow for full transparency and equity and to align the practices of the chapter, regions without chapters and interest groups with the RNAO board of directors (BOD), executive guidelines have been developed and approved by the BOD to be transitioned into practice by all chapters, regions without chapters and interest groups ... read more

A New Day! A New Approach!
RNAO’s Executive Network Structure

IPNIG Executive leaders ask IPNIG members to understand the changes. Become familiar with the RNAO Executive Guidelines. Let’s work with RNAO for IPNIG’s smooth transition.

This structure serves as a guideline to define the key functions of chapter, region without chapter and interest group executive member roles, and pairs them with resources and support from RNAO’s home office. The following positions make up chapter, region without chapter, and interest group executive: ... read more

Facts to Know?
KEY Points Election Guidelines

Key points all Chapter, Regions without Chapters and Interest Group Election Guidelines ... click here

  1. Checklist for President/Chair
  2. Example Timeline
  3. KEY Points Election Guidelines

Time for IPNIG Members to take Action!

Talk the Talk! Call for Nominations Template

Walk the Talk! Submit IPNIG Executive Leader Nomination/Volunteer Form ... click here

Time to Participate in
Modern Sustainable Health Care System!
Time to Close Health Care Gaps!



Health Care for Women Revolutionized

News Media

CTV National News - Thursday, October 4, 2018
A Toronto hospital is taking an innovative approach to address growing demands for hip replacement surgery. Vanessa Lee explains.

Toronto Star Special - Thursday, April 28, 2016
Help Us Close the Health Gaps ... read example of many Health Gaps needing closure

Toronto Star Special - April 28, 2016
Elder Care program addresses complex health needs of seniors ... more

Toronto Star Special - April 28, 2016
Using a wide lens to address women's health care ... more


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