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An Independent Practice Nurse is a Professional Registered Nurse who serves the community in a variety of specialized health care settings. IPNIG Brochure

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Self-employed Nurse Entrepreneurs Expanding the Realm of Nursing Practice: A Journey of Discovery

Independent practice as a career option for nurses has been slowly increasing since the 1980s.

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Definition of an Independent Practice Nurse

An independent practice nurse is defined as, “A registered nurse who provides professional nursing services, as a proprietor of a business, through direct patient care, education, research, administration or consultation.”

Nurse Entrepreneurship - "Seizing the Challenge" by Carol L. Hamilton

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Describe Your Primary Health Care Nursing Services You Deliver Where People Live, Work and Play

Directory Manual
Registered Nurses Professional Practice Profiles

This General Public Directory Manual provides an excellent public education resource. Collectively detailing Registered Nurses full nursing capabilities delivering a huge diversity of highly skilled and much needed on time nursing care to all people in all communities.

It is time to raise the “level” of recognition of all professional Registered Nurses.

Utilizing the accessible online 'Manual Registered Nurses Professional Practice Nursing Profiles' we can educate the general public, media, politicians and Health Care colleagues on the value-added health care services performed by Registered Nurses.

In 250-words describe your Registered Nurse scope of practice of the nursing care services you provide.

"I am an Independent Practice Registered Nurse working with my specialized nursing scope of practice.  Profile Submission Form

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Registered Nurses who are self-employed, business owners, independent managers, administrators and nurses doing business in nursing occupations that include but not limited to the following ... Click here to read a list of the diversity of nurses specialized nursing services.

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International Council Nurses ICN

ICN Guidelines on the Nurse Entre/Intrapreneur Providing Nursing Services

A small but growing percentage of nurses are reclaiming their traditional right to independent clinical practice. ... read more