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The report is the result of investigation of health risk behaviours that can be changed. Not surprising the behaviours are smoking, unhealthy alcohol consumption, poor diet, physical inactivity and high stress. The results show how risky behaviours impact life expectancy and health-adjusted life expectancy in Ontario.
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If you have done research that validates your nursing practice as an independent practice nurse, please consider sharing it with your colleagues.

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Research indicates the Impact Health Care System Changes Indicates Opportunities for
Self Employed Registered Nurses.

 A New Systems Model Perspective on Nursing in 2050 the Impact Model Perspective on "Nursing 2050"

“Registered Nurses ... have the knowledge, skills, and practice tools necessary for provision of high touch care in a high tech society and in variety health care environment” (Lowry et al., 2007, p. 228). Ultimately, clients will be searching for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention as intervention with documented positive outcomes

A case is made for using systems perspectives that will adapt to future changes up to and beyond the year 2050. A systems care approach will meet the relevant planning and implementation needs to serve one client as a system adaptable to a wide range of care programming needs... easily understood by all caregiving disciplines and cultures. A great need exists for unification.

A Neuman Systems Model Perspective on Nursing in 2050 - Neuman, B; Reed, K.S; 2007; Nursing Science Quarterly, 20(2). 111-113. ... more

Registered Nurses Deliver Highest Quality Professional Practice Nursing Standards

People Centred Health Care

Evidenced Based Nursing Intervention Proven Economically Cost Effective with Measurable Outcomes for chronic Conditions

Canada researchers produced the “Best of the Best” research on registered nurses interventions. Read this review is focused on the effectiveness of nursing interventions for patient outcomes and health-care costs. It was guided by ecological and economic evaluation frameworks. Nurse interventions .... effective and efficient to deploy specialty-trained nurses to lead teams of professionals, including physicians, assembled to address complex patient needs. A nurse-led model of proactive and supplemental care for the chronically ill, versus the on- demand, physician-led model now in place, would be more or equally effective and less or equally costly.

Better Care and Better Value for Canadians: A Review of RCT Studies of Nurse Interventions: Gina Browne, Stephen Birch, Lehana Thabane CJNR 2015, Vol. 47 No 4, 41–60 ... read more

Self Employed Nurse Entrepreneurs: Expanding the realm of nursing practice: A Journey of Discovery

Private practice as a career option for nurses has been slowly increasing since the 1980’s. However, the reasons for this development have not been fully investigated so that it can be understood and placed within the changing contexts of health care and health services. The expansion and extension of nurses’ roles is a contemporary topic in health care reform and therefore one that deserves investigation.

Self-employed Nurse Entrepreneurs Expanding the Realm of Nursing Practice: A Journey of Discovery: Anne Wilson RN, RM, BN, MN, Grad. Dip Health Counselling, Cert. Paediatrics, IWC, FRCNA: 2003 .... more